Patient Information

Urgent Fit In Appointments

Our family doctors often have a select number of same day fit in appointments available. Our family doctors prefer to see their own patients and offer this service as an alternative to walk in for their patients.

Telephone Visits/Virtual Care

Appointments are available as in person or by telephone. It is your preference which type of appointment you choose to book. There are, however, certain cases when the doctor requires an in person visit and our staff will inform you when you book the appointment if that is the case.


All of our family doctors practices are currently full and there is no waitlist at this time. When space in a family doctors practice opens up a post will appear here so check back here to see if any appointments or a waitlist has become available.

Prenatal Appointments

Generally, specialist appointments are by referral only. However, in the case of a new pregnancy Dr. Rutherford is accepting self referrals. If you wish to self refer for a prenatal appointment please call the clinic for availability.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments result in a lost opportunity for other patients to access care and lead to increased wait times overall. In order to improve patient access all missed appointments will incur a fee. This includes both in person and virtual visits Because we understand that unpredictable circumstances may arise, please contact us as soon as you are able so that we can help rebook your appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee. All visits not cancelled 24hrs in advance will result in the following charges:

  • Follow up visit $40
  • Comprehensive or Specialist Visit $80
*** Please note that appointments booked online with Medeo may be cancelled online as well ***